FAQs from Axe Valley Motors

FAQs from Axe Valley MotorsQ. My car has dull paintwork – what can I do?
A. Axe Valley Motors can use polishes and cutting compounds to make it shine as new once more.

Q. The engine management light has lit up on the dashboard – what do I do?
A. Call Axe Valley Motors and arrange to bring the car in for us to run a diagnostics test to identify the fault. We will then discuss our findings with you and repair your vehicle.

Q. My car failed its MOT test – what should I do and what are the rules for a re-test.
A. Axe Valley Motors can repair the car at a competitive price. And with its highly trained mechanics you're assured of a professional job. Alternatively, the car can be brought back within 10 working days for a partial re-test at no extra charge.

Q. My tyre has a puncture in the side wall – can it be repaired?
A. No, the sidewall (and the shoulder) of the tyre is not capable of being repaired. We have a large stock of tyres on site but can get other tyres to order –usually the next day.

Q. My car pulls to the right – what could it be?
A. It is most likely that the tracking of the front wheels is incorrect. Axe Valley Motors have the required tracking equipment to adjust it.

Q. I am a small motor trader- is there a garage I can go to for trade MOT’s?
A. Yes, Axe Valley Motors can discuss your requirements and give you a competitive price.

Q. What would I need doing for a 50,000 mile service?
A. Depending on the make & model – Axe Valley Motors follow the manufacturers recommendations. We work to the industry standard checklist and would advise you of what items need replacing in addition to an oil change, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs.

Q. If I broke down locally, how would I get my car repaired?
A. Axe Valley Motors will recover your car to our premises, diagnose the fault and repair it quickly and economically.

Q. I am looking for a reasonably priced car for my daughter.
A. We have a range of low mileage affordable cars on site. If none of these are suitable, Axe Valley Motors can source any car within your budget. Discuss your requirements with us and we will endeavour to find a suitable vehicle for you.

Q. What would I do if my car was being repaired and I had to go to work?
A. Axe Valley Motors have a number of courtesy cars available for our customers to use at no extra charge.

Q. My exhaust is making a rattling noise, what should I do?
A. Axe Valley Motors will check it for you and advise on either repairing or replacing it. We are able to offer a free-fitting service for new exhausts.

Q. My car does not start in the morning how can I get it checked?
A. Axe Valley Motors can check your battery and other parts of the car. All of our new batteries come with a 2 year guarantee.

Q. I have bought a caravan and need a tow bar fitted to my car – where do I go?
A. Come to Axe Valley Motors. We can supply tow bars to fit most makes of car with either single or twin electrics.

Q. I have an older car which I think will fail its MOT due to rusty areas. If it does what should I do?
A. Axe Valley Motors have skilled mechanics who can weld and repair all makes of car. Welding to older cars is a common occurrence and we can keep your car on the road.

Q. I have spilt milk on the back seat of my car – how can I get it out?
A. Axe Valley Motors can give you an interior valet, to remove the milk and the smell.

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